The Big Bupkis

The Big Bupkis “The Big Bupkis!” is an evening of cheap jokes, magic, ukulele music, hypnotism, unpleasant stories about Sophie Tucker, transvestitism, and a Yiddish bullfight poem, among other theatrical indignities. Giving nothing away, the show ends with Mr. Baker attempting to behead a volunteer from the audience. The show mixes English and Yiddish, with snarky English supertitles projected over the stage, so, no, you don't have to know Yiddish to 'get it'!

For more information on the show, see these reviews in , The Jewish Standard , and Backstage . For excerpts of his performance, see here and here . “The Big Bupkis!” mixes English and Yiddish, with English supertitles.” Kansas City native Shane Bertram Baker, widely recognized as the leading matinée idol in the Yiddish theater today, is acknowledged to be the first non-Jew (or Gentile) to ever get this far. How he became fluent in Yiddish; how he became a fixture in New York’s booming Yiddish vaudeville community; how he became the executive director of the Congress for Jewish Culture (an esteemed Yiddish literary organization); and how he amassed credits as an actor, director, magician, and puppeteer of such accomplishment are all richly described and illustrated in this fascinating show.


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