Death Of A Salesman

Brilliantly directed by Moshe Yassur, this production was nominated for two Drama Desk Awards including best revival. 

“The use of Yiddish in this production is not just a gimmick, but enhances the storytelling in beautiful and clever ways. If you’ve seen Death of a Salesman before, this production will offer a unique viewpoint, and will allow you to rediscover this classic play in an interesting way.” – Theatre is Easy<br/><br/>”It’s been sixty-six years since Death of a Salesman opened at the Morosco Theatre. Since that time the drama has come to be seen as a penetrating indictment of the American Dream and one of the best American plays of the 20th century. However, New Yiddish Rep’s Yiddish translation opens up whole new vistas of interpretation…Last season, New Yiddish Rep produced a Yiddish version of Waiting for Godot that made the play live in surprising new ways. After seeing this version of Death of a Salesman, it’s not hard to speculate on how much better even this great classic might have been if Miller had been more in touch with his roots.” – Curtain Up<br/><br/>…”These are Lomans fit to bruise some hearts…language in Moshe Yassur’s production is no barrier, thanks to the fineness of the performances…” – New York Times<br/><br/>”Yiddish Breathes New Life Into <em>Death Of A Salesman</em>…This is Yiddish that just is, with no justifications, explanations or apologies. It’s a fascinating thought experiment — and also great theater.” – Forward


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